Anti Slip 50mm Decking Strips Medium Grit

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Wooden decking is utilized broadly in business and private settings and stays firm’s favorite because of its satisfying appearance. Greenery can make your current ground surface dangerous when wet and can result in slippery areas

Temporary Methods Of Preventing Slip
Washing your decking, the utilization of wood cleaners, gritted paint or tape offer just a temporary solution of the problem, and if done then should be repeated at regular intervals

Best solution of making steps and decks Non-Slip
Safe Tread Decking Strips are a speedy and simple answer for improving security in potential slip peril regions, while giving a stylishly satisfying appearance.

For clammy, wet and chilly conditions, our non-slip strips are produced using extreme, hard wearing and strong GRP, consumption and parasite safety. They won’t decay, and will keep going for quite a long time

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