Artificial Grass Playground Tile For Lawn And Play Ground

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  1. PET TRAINING: Our grass tiles can be used to take pets on a walk, to feed them and to play with them through the whole day and night. The size is incredible for any room and simple to dispose of when required. For bigger areas, two units can be combined. 
  2. ECO FRIENDLY: Our grass tiles are washable, eco-friendly and are more convenient for clients as compared to other grass tiles of our competitor.
  3. EASILY WASHABLE: Our grass tiles contain decent sizes for waste openings which allows easy seepage of dust, dirt and animal waste. Holes in the tiles make sure that smell won’t be an issue and it even rises up to pet waste. 
  4. NATURAL LOOK:  Our grass tiles are made of delicate and thick material which makes delicate for your puppy’s paws, which makes it most comfortable for him to use to move around and play on.
  5. MULTI PURPOSE: Our artificial grass tiles can be used for the lawn, front yard, play zones, garden, porch, deck, patio, pontoon, overhang, loft or any other place.

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Playground Tile 400x400x25mm – 2.4 Kg


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